Returning Home


Vicious trinity


A mother has fallen
And a savior is born
Chains of repetitions
Years and seasons
For a sense of comfort
Out of this world
Righteous deeds
And the same views
Out of the windows
For she only knows
A daughter must
The cup empties
And crashes down
Until It takes over
Goes on and on
The mighty wheel
Of manipulation
The quiet infection
We perpetuate
In our own hands
Unable to feel
We’ve stored the pain
Of our people
Long gone
Now comes the time
Of a return
When the cross
In our names
Find the centre
Over the pillars
A bright explosion
And swirling from above
Little whispers
Of a snake and a dove
Playing in unison
Can you hear
The call of love
Back home



It’s a sly alibi we’re unable to confess

Enclosed in the somber of a womb
Drowned in the sea of chaos
The yet unformed, unborn waters

It’s a sly alibi

The light hits the vase for the will to possess
The treacherous cure of the powerless
Hiding the marks of an unconscious cloth
Built in each and every home
That was filled with sorrow



I picked up years of blooms
My earthly clouds
A semblance of breath
Weakened on the axis

Roses, irises
Ride the waves and slowly fade
In the desert land
Where the sun rises
From the mist of weeds

And behind the curtain of her mind
Layers of shadows await
Slowly slipping their head
Out of curiosity



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©2018-Shoko Tsuji