crossing over

Close-up of the Helix nebula
photo from Wikipedia NASA, NOAO, ESA, the Hubble Helix Nebula Team

Death precedes rebirth.
We actually leave the body
Through the crown
Straight into the stars, and back to earth.
To Something else

A loss of vitality prevents us from one more distraction. A state of energetic numbness for long enough to ask.. what is It that animated us..? Encaged in a body devoid of liveliness, we start to question further.. We crave the light reflecting on the flowers. The birds flying through the sunny sky. The red fruits. We touch the core of our being by the loss of It. We sense It couldn’t get any deeper. Devoid of any external satiation, we get closer to our true selves… only when it is not sought after can It be revealed. What are we surrendering to? We don’t know. Until we let it all go. The need to know. And when this happens, It bursts and rises along the axis. A beautiful elixir. Mysterious. Received.

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