Blonduos, Iceland

Moroccan Sahara followed by a trip to the Icelandic deserts in 2018. Years down the line, spirit guide says these trips lacking physical colors in the landscapes, pushed the inner colors to come forward, thus helping to heal and balance the pineal gland, the seat of colors.

Northern wheels, Southern wheels, pigments and silk embroidery on linen

Can it be this simple..? Can it be this… literal?

So now when I see a couple of roses, I can’t help but see the dyad, the double, the original twins, the mirror and the ideal friend.. all the while longing for the merge back to unity and peace. And only when I am there fully, maybe, can I see two roses again.

crossing over

Close-up of the Helix nebula
photo from Wikipedia NASA, NOAO, ESA, the Hubble Helix Nebula Team

Leave the body
Through the crown
Straight into the stars, and back to earth.
To Something else


The golden flower/ Eros

Hilma Af Klint, 1906-07

At some point in the healing process, we return to the simple enjoyment of things here on earth, no more sticking to ideas, no more seeking, no more pursuits or identifying. We delve in those spaces, only for commentary, only to play. We are free to switch back and forth.

One masters Truth, and the other Love, until both merge into silence. We were already there. But every road is necessary, and as long as we return, it’s okay to wander.