Returning Home: Kundalini dreams and rebirth is a long term work in progress, a recount of a journey through the alchemical processes caused upon connecting with another soul : through the darkness toward the light, and back again, to life.

Kundalini is the sanskrit term for a concentrated field of vital primal energy located at the base of the spine. It could be refered to as supra-consciousness within consciousness, the nature force-energy responsible for our psycho-physiological metamorphosis and which we shall surrender to.

To evolve is to return.


Life awakening

The title Returning Home originally came to me when I literally returned home to be a full-time caregiver at an earlier time in life. Years down the line, I realized those two words ringing in my ears were actually meant to signify something as grand as returning to the origin, to Source, to oneness.



As it turned out, this odd situation happened only to be the metaphysical background of a much greater evolutionary cycle triggered by a ‘soul connection‘. This actual link of souls propels one into a journey of soul’s purification, wandering and discovery, which will eventually lead to the awakening of Kundalini, the life force behind our on-going psycho-physiological metamorphosis, which mechanisms can then be seen on a conscious and biological circuit. The fierceness and designed orchestration of the path resembles a mythical initiation ruled around the symbolism of gemini, as we walk the earth with the perfect mirror of our deepest love and our deepest wounds. And it brings indeed a true metanoia.

This is a radical shattering of our world, a shift from the material linear thinking to the spiraling world of energy that will guide us much further than who we thought we were.. Many of us question and resist for a long time before we surrender to these forces. And we won’t have much freewill as the path is merciless. Cycles will repeat with increasing pain only for the outcome to be delayed. 

The excruciating pain, the infinite love, the emotional roller-coaster ride, the destruction of all things, the energetic and physical symptoms, the psychic rewiring, the denial, the craziness and sickness, kundalini and awakening of some kind, the wonderment, the karmic lessons, the miracles… and finally peace and transcendence are all part of this inevitable transformation arising from meeting or knowing someone we are energetically and profoundly connected to – beyond time and space.  

Although we definitely need a framework to navigate this bewildering transition, what I’m envisioning here is another kind of testimonial, as a way to attest of this phenomenon with more contemplation and less analysis. Or maybe some. But how could we meaningfully tackle this really vast territory still out of our grasp. We fall in all the interpretations and traps. Could we ever bring justice to such profound experiences, or shall we stay silent.. Throughout the years I’ve kept record of this process with images and some writing. They are yet scattered from being born inside the loop, but I will let it grow from there.

Nowadays our consciousness is being challenged on many levels for us to anchor new ways of relating. But it is an ongoing unveiling which starts within. And from inheriting suffering, we can turn it around and return to a place of ever deeper emotional honesty, courage and authenticity, and reflect on how we function as multidimensional e-motional living beings. We are being pushed in this direction, and the transmutation of our millennial pain implies many souls to set themselves free through and by this mysterious love force, or any transformational path brought upon us.

Oct’ 2016, Paris





©2016-Shoko Tsuji