A Jung illustration I stumbled on without knowing it was signaling the beginning

This is an embroidery/photography/words work-in-progress.
A recount of a  journey through the alchemical processes of healing : through the darkness toward the light, and back again, to life.
There is a field, wanting to bloom…

« Cranial plates migration »

« There is a light
That doesn’t know the sun
And never crosses the air
Sovereign and still
Under the hurt and the mud
It sits silent
In timeless patience

A healing nature force awakens and uncoils through the spine. The process seems almighty and all-knowing : it fiercely pushes the spiritually closed to walk their true path, and as it puts us back to balance, it heals our energies and bodies. 

This is a radical shattering of our world, a shift from the material linear thinking to the spiraling world of energy which will guide us much further than who we thought we were.. In times of extreme turmoil, there lies discovery.

The excruciating pain, the emotional roller-coaster ride, the destruction of all things, the energetic and physical symptoms, the psychic rewiring, the denial, the craziness and sickness, the wonderment, the karmic lessons, the miracles… and finally a new level of peace arises from this wake-up call.. 

Although this is a bewildering transition, I’ve kept record of this process with images and some writing. They are yet scattered from being born inside the loop, but I will let it grow from there.

Nowadays we are being challenged to anchor new ways of relating. But it is an unveiling which starts within. And from inheriting suffering, we can turn it around and reflect on how we function as multi-sentient e-motional beings. We are being pushed in this direction, as we allow the transformational path brought upon us.

©2018-Shoko Tsuji