Shoko Tsuji. Embroidery artist based in Paris, France.

A Jung illustration I stumbled on without knowing it was signaling the beginning

This is mostly a recount of a  journey through the alchemical processes of healing : through the darkness toward the light, and back again, to life.
There is a field, wanting to bloom…

We are being challenged to anchor new ways of relating, to others, to the earth, and beyond. But it is an unveiling which starts within. And from inheriting suffering, we can turn it around and uncover our long lost inner spark, as we allow the transformational path brought upon us. 

For Neal, painting 2019

There is a light
That doesn’t know the sun
It never crosses the air
Sovereign and still
Under the hurt and the mud
It sits silent
In timeless patience

Although this is a bewildering transition, I’m keeping record of this process with images and some writing. They are yet scattered from being born inside the loop, but I will let it grow from there.

©2018-Shoko Tsuji