About Kundalini

Here are some interesting and well-articulated resources on Kundalini or metaphysically related stuff for people going through spontaneous experiences, who are willing to find out what’s going on within them and manage the difficult and wild transition.

Kundalini is dramatically intense but after gaining some stability with it overall, one could relate to it with less identification and more neutrality. Balance stays the key. I do not promote it or wave it like a flag. Let’s keep it poetic rather than dogmatic.
Warning: I do not encourage any voluntarily induced experiences, it can be -VERY- dangerous if it is not coming from a truly humbled guided disciplined selfless place. 


Biology of Kundalini
The Emerging Sciences Foundation


Biology of Kundalini, Jana Dixon: the 600 pages bible on the biological and physiological aspects

The spiritual awakening guide, Mary M. Shutan:

The awakening of Kundalini, Gopi Krishna: an experience with extreme highs and lows

Kundalini, energy of the depths, Lilian Silburn: by a French academic researcher



Liber Novus, CG Jung:

The Magdalen Manuscript, Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion:


A good soundtrack to the readings: