Jumping Timelines


The closest we can experience of what it’s like to live in other places, in other times. Traveling, jumping timelines to experience other sufferings, and return with more compassion.



I have witnessed
Murders and a sacrifice
A newborn on a table
Lies, stripped of his rights
On the edge of mankind
Rites from ancient times
Rise in my sleep
Women escape
From merchants of persecution
Covering their faces
Fighting their way through the branches

Seas of bullets flying
They’re making me blind
I run to every corner
I can’t touch the ground
At the break of day
I ache for the hearts
Traumatized by the threats
Too busy for a breath
To even pray for peace


The signs
To the Golden Gate.

The Green rays and the Pink rays
The Purple rays
The M ray

The rainbows and the bows


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©2019-Shoko Tsuji