Brazil on a quartz mine

Delving into the Brazilian spiritualist traditions to dig into the fear and rejection of spirituality as a form, as well as ancestral patterns with the cult and occult.

The day I arrived a man told me about soul connections, Kundalini and the blue pearl. The day I left, I saw light beings dancing all around me and a duet rising far up in the sky. In between, a psychic surgeon scratching the eyes of an old man with a kitchen knife.. and people from all around the world in search for less suffering.

Entering the gate.
Remembering the North Pole and back.

At the crossroad for Truth or Power
In the maze of our lives
An occultist has returned
And kneels to repent
A white owl is standing
In a night full of stars
Lights and Ufos we can’t see
They all look to find
God streaming through a man
In the middle of Brazil
Humans pray for long hours
Their scrutinize their wars inside
And meet here to make peace
With the path of the diseased
Flashes of rain and a hot sun
On top of the hills
A horse is watching
Marginal people
Staying or leaving
Toward another entrance
Seeking the Gold


Who’s calling?

Trailer for Marina Abramovic’s spiritual journey in Brazil, starting off in Abadiania

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