Works 2022

Shoko Tsuji. Embroidery artist. Paris, FR

Eyes of I
Stretching out to infinity
It has always been
Preceding the world
As if swept by a rush
Streaming up the spine
Spreading stardust through the crown
Personality dissolves
For a long lost knowing
To burn and fade again
But one now recalls
Forever stirred by perfection
A sense of magic
A lighthouse of trust
For the dark night of the soul
Announced by the Principle
The winding down the road
Through the fires ahead
Alien grace, where lies the line
Between heaven and the earth?

Divine humor I , (anchor the folly), embroidery on painted velvet 77x77cm

Divine humor II , (dreams Itself through the world), embroidery on painted velvet 111x111cm

Inner ear, silk embroidery and pastel on natural dyed cotton, 56x46cm, 2020-2022

Static sound
Luminous sound
Illuminated sound
Audible sound

Sound recording : words and piano by Noemie Saland

Stupa, dried plum tree flowers on natural dyed linen, 36x46cm, 2022