Autumnal introspection


« Souvenir d’une autre vie »

During the awakening activation phase, many past lives and timeline memories are brought up to awareness. Some lives we didn’t do good, and acknowledging it helps us deal with our own shadow selves before we solely point it toward an external source. We start seeing the two sides of each and everything within ourselves, the light and the dark as the extremes of a one continuum with infinite nuances, and the whole universe within us. I made this piece while going through another such phase of shadow work, which thankfully makes us find a new level of peace, and love.



« Abuse, harm, narcissusses »

A work in progress started during slow days in Brittany, after coming back from Oaxaca, Mexico where I saw lots of high standard cross-stitched textiles.

Many issues take their roots beneath the 4 walls of our own home, the very first center stage of all human interactions. They are energy transactions which will script our interwoven human experiences toward resolution, and expansion.

Tales from Brittany #3


Jumping from mind to mind, stuck in obsessions, the little things of others, the little worries of others. She channels the possibilities. « Let go, let go even more, until there is nothing left. » Caught in aerial thoughts, she flies away, she hides in the clouds. I want to be safe, I want to belong. Birthing on earth as she goes, it’s a long landing on the fastest route. 21 years of age.

A cardboard box full of colorful feathers

Small objects from her travels

Ottoman oracles

Lie on the table.

Once in a while she reaches out from the ethers where she serves for the souls.
 »I help them go away, I light them a candle for a smoother transition. »



Pencil drawing and photoshop collage 2009

The awakening process requires transgenerational and ancestral memories to be healed. Family secrets, alcoholism, abuse, spiritual fanaticism, occult activity and any heavy issue will be laid out and brought up to consciousness, and then the collective and cosmic layers…

A tale from Brittany #2



Our land is fleeting
From idoles to icons
As we progress through the greens
Layering its wilderness
What is this church
Which tells a story
In praise of the Seven

The Grail

A blue pearl rises
Wearing the purple robe
To celebrate the marriage
For the twos
And the third

The universal
White star

A snake is spiraling up

I came here with company
Two haunting ghosts
In place of shadows
Until they cut the knots
Until they cut the ties
Unchained from Egypt
Giving birth
To the moon and the sun
And a lost son
Who never came back
Repeated tragedies
Cross many lifelines
Filling our fantasies
With unpalpable truths
As ways to cope
For the oldest souls
Coming over once again
To replay their wounds
And the love is still here
Familiar and sweet
For a recognition so rare
In a world full of strangers
Like knowing each others habits
Like reading each others depths
But there is a hole somewhere
A gap
An ancient pain
That needs to be felt again

In between the 7 churches
In Iran or Istanbul
She seeks for the traces
The legacy of Saint John
Hinting the minds of the awakened
Through the blink of an Eye

On a heart shaped rock
Sits the young woman
With He
Who used to be her husband
Across from a thin line
Created by erosion
A script is at play
In form
In fiery bodies
As time collapses
To smokey memories

The Golden Flower I


Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico 

Hills of Mexico
Pale and dry
I have come for sunny pills
On the land of cochineal
My pulsing blood
Hang on walls of cacti
Calling for fourteen years
When the plumerias were shown
In between lights
At the garden of Eve
By the greatest bloom
A snake
An eye
The drive
Adorned by dog bites
With so many rays
Died in hues of blues
Pull the universe
Out of round bellies

It is soon


And I wonder why
I went this far to come back
With all and nothing
But knowledge hidden to all
As the finest gems are
Bland and useless
To the joyful people
There is one more paradox
That has yet to persist
On our path of return
For whom has ever lost
The seeds of eros
For whom is catching up
With the golden flower



Oaxaca, Mexico, April 2017

Bona fide temazcal experience with our dear zapotec weaving teacher maestra Norma and her family, during Arquetopia art residency in Oaxaca. Despite our mutual language barrier, they let us share their private lodge for a powerful cleansing ritual with warm kindness.

Temazcal is a meso-american structure (« sweat lodge ») for healing, health improvement and purification. Our teacher’s sister entered the lodge -entirely, from head to toe- and lied beside us as we got in -one after the other- to cover us with herbs wet with hot water. But all of us 3 visitors had to keep our breath at the entrance of the lodge as it is extremely hot inside, enough for our bathing suit to quickly get super wet from our own sweat. After 3 cycles of heat and cooling down, we were wrapped in total meditative well being, peace and renewal. It’s somehow easy to sense that Temazcal was and is also used as a portal to alternate states of consciousness.