Calling light

Little whispers
Of a snake and a dove
Playing in unison

Can you hear
The call of love
Back home

Fall in light, embroidery 2022

Falling to the light

Axis, soul repair, embroidery 2024

Axis III

Cranial plates migration, embroidery

Transmute the eyes

Burning shame

There is life
And the golden flower

Signs, Crop circles

« There were three moons, one for you, one for me and one for the three of us »

Divine humor, 111x111cm, 2022


There is a light
That doesn’t know the sun
And never crosses the air
Sovereign and still
Under the hurt and the mud
It sits silent
In timeless patience

Northern wheels, Southern wheels

Axis II, embroidery 2024, WIP

« Inner ears » silk and 3D embroidery on indigo coton 2020

Stupa, dried flowers from the front yard on naturally dyed linen, 2022

Calling light

« pluie d’or »

Returning from the fires
There is life
And the golden flower